Defines a cuboid domain in space and a predicate whether a given position is inside or outside of the domain.

class halmd.mdsim.geometries.cuboid(args)

Construct cuboid geometry instance.

  • args (table) – keyword arguments
  • args.lowest_corner (table) – coordinates of the lower left corner
  • args.length (table) – cuboid edge lengths
  • args.precision (string) –

    floating point precision (optional)

    The lowest_corner specifies the coordinates of the lower left corner of the cuboid, i.e., the minimal coordinates.

    The supported values for precision are single and double. If precision is not specified, the precision is selected according to the compute device: single for GPU computing and double otherwise.


This module does not perform a validation of the meaningfulness of the domain, i.e. it does not test whether the geometry is placed outside the simulation domain.


Coordinates of lower left corner.


Edge lengths of cuboid.


The volume of the cuboid.