Downloading the source code

The following release tarballs of HAL’s MD package are available:

Developers’ previews on version 1.0:

Download and verify the integrity of the tar balls with the following command (in bash):

TAR="halmd-1.0.1.tar.bz2" URL=""; \
wget "$URL/$TAR" && openssl dgst -sha512 \
  -verify <(wget -qO- "$URL/cert.pem" | openssl x509 -noout -pubkey) \
  -signature <(wget -qO- "$URL/$TAR.sig") "$TAR"

The files are signed with an X.509 certificate issued for Felix Hoefling by DFN-Verein Global Issuing CA. The SHA1 fingerprint of the certificate is 15:D6:78:70:3B:05:61:AA:40:28:0B:CF:55:8D:33:17:13:02:DC:8C as shown by:

wget -qO- | openssl x509 -fingerprint -noout

Tar balls for releases ≤ 1.0.0 use the certificate cert-old.pem with SHA1 fingerprint BA:FB:6E:55:81:8E:C5:4C:DD:47:93:52:CF:EA:1D:FE:0B:4D:35:8A